lots of Law Firms Talk the Talk.

but We’ve Walked the Walk.

If you think your business may need a GC, but not full time, you’ve come to the right place. Having a part time, inside attorney available on a variable cost basis means you can decide how much, or little to use the attorney. Many business like the idea of an experienced business lawyer in this role, but are unsure of whether they’ll be a good fit, become knowledgeable about the business, or will be occupied sufficiently.

Many law firms that say they offer fractional or outside GC services and advertise their supposed in-house capabilities. This makes sense, as many corporate clients see the advantages of having a legal presence inside their company. But don’t equate a given attorney’s commercial or legal experience with actual in-house experience. There is quite a difference between the two. Well Advised’s principal attorney has had 20+ years experience as in-house counsel.

Well Advised has been providing outsourced general counsel services to companies in the lower middle market space for years. We quickly integrate with management teams and get up to speed on the legal issues facing the business. Whether it’s a few days per week, or a week or so per month, we are flexible enough to provide your company the business legal resources it needs. Call 800-296-2613 or click here.