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Attorneys occupy a special place in our country – after all, the U.S was at its founding and is today a “government of laws, and not of men.” (John Adams, Novanglus Essays, No. 7). The love or hate of lawyers can sometimes depend on which side of the “v” one is on; however, Well Advised’s small business attorneys take very seriously our responsibility to look for ways to reduce legal expenses and achieve favorable results.


… AND Counselors

A “consiglieri”, or advisor that can provide guidance on issues affecting the business without advocacy can be the best legal asset - and at Well Advised, our business lawyers are trusted advisors, helping clients be confident making business decisions that are informed by legal guidance … Even if the path ultimately taken is different than the one we may have identified. After all, it’s your business, you call the shots.



We are seasoned, business-centric lawyers and savvy advisors, but we also have a soft spot! Because we work with you at critical stages of your company’s life cycle, we try to operate seamlessly in the background, wherever possible, utilizing the right tools at the appropriate times and in a manner designed to maximize their use and effectiveness.

In the pre-formation, post-acquisition or early growth stages, your business needs the foundational and structural supports that underpin growth. In this stage, we provide the tools and processes such as contracts and compliance that help ensure outside distractions are kept to a minimum. 

During mid-cycle and later growth stages, we believe in deploying simple, proven tools that maximize contract profitability and facilitate sales. Our results-driven approach aligns with longer-term sales and strategic initiatives with little additional capital investment. 

For later stage companies considering strategic alternatives, we provide a full spectrum of in-house legal support at a fraction of the cost of a traditional law firm. For larger transactions, we provide seamless partnerships with transaction counsel. Operating in the background, Well Advised seamlessly and expertly provides critical deal team support. 

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