From the outset David leveraged his extensive litigation background and years of in-house legal experience to quickly arrive at a rational and workable way of valuing, defending and disposing of, the many litigations facing the company. David and his team provided expertise right out of the gate, with no burn-in. We could not have been more pleased with the results, given our need to cost effectively channel precious operating cash elsewhere.
— Former Executive – Pendum LLC, $200million transportation and ATM services company
Well Advised’s approach provided much needed guidance for our compliance efforts. We could begin to focus our attention on pressing restructuring efforts, and invest dollars spent on outside law firms in more profitable areas. This is directly attributable to Well Advised’s solid compliance plan, which they implemented flawlessly and efficiently.
— Chief Restructuring Officer, Pendum LLC
The Well Advised team speaks our language. They’re great listeners and quickly ramped up, not only understanding what our contractual pain points were, but also, more importantly, providing solutions in a customer-centric way. They have provided me, as a solo entrepreneur, the ability to rest easy knowing that they not only have my back, but also have a solid grasp of relevant information that is key to my business, giving me the advice and counsel that is timely and thorough.
— CEO, Social Capital Agency
David consistently provided sage counsel to me, as interim COO and to the management team regarding the real estate matters that directly impacted our bottom line. But more than this, we became comfortable that we could focus on the intense strategic planning needed for successful implementation of our turnaround plan, without being distracted by legacy real estate issues, important as they were. We knew that David and Well Advised were in lockstep with us, and this is borne out by the significant costs savings realized by the lease restructuring efforts and asset disposition work performed by Well Advised.
— Former COO, National Consumer Packaged Goods Company
It cannot be overstated how the Well Advised team’s approach buoyed our account managers and salespeople, and how important their solution was to our success. They met with us individually and as a group in a collaborative quest to deploy a tool that we all could quickly understand and use. This approach quite literally contributed hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars to our revenue. It is worth noting that in just under three years the company was sold to a publicly-traded company, and the buyer’s auditors gave us high marks following their quality of earnings audits. This is directly attributable to the legal team’s efforts in “ticking and tying” all of our contracts to customer accounts” in a fast, friendly and cost-effective way.
— President & CEO, Pendum LLC
As a small but growing aerospace technology company, we rely on David to effectively go head to head with his counterparts at much larger aerospace defense contractors - which David does with skill, focusing on what matters to us most in the contract in an approachable, business savvy way.
— CEO, Aerospace Engineering Firm