Get on Track - Stay on Track

If your company is in a regulated industry or if it provides a product or service that must be sold or performed under a license, you should be taking proactive steps to make sure your company has the right licenses in the right jurisdictions covering the right people.

Well Advised has been providing regulatory and licensing compliance and guidance for 20 years in such heavily regulated industries as childcare, armored car, weapons and gaming. The substantial benefits of having a business lawyer help you with your insurance, compliance and regulatory needs is that she can match your needs with products available - avoiding surprises and assisting you with insourcing much of the licensing and compliance functions.

  • Well Advised helps you be proactive with your company’s licensing needs. We help you understand the regulatory and licensing playing field, and identify and work with points of contact within your company.

  • With over 20 years of experience in heavily regulated industries, Well Advised works to ensure that regulatory and compliance issues do not become management distractions, draining precious time away from the needs of your growing business.

  • We have worked in-house in companies with simple to complex licensing, insurance and risk management needs, so we can advise and assist with items such as:

    • Regulatory and Compliance Overview and Calendar

    • Filing and pursuing insurance coverage and claims

    • Ensuring proper contracted levels of coverage

    • Negotiating carrier renewals.